Watch Protest The Hero Laugh After its Guitarist Falls Off Stage


Dave Grohl may have the most infamous stage fall of the year, but honourable mention goes to Protest The Hero guitarist Tim Millar and the stumble he took earlier this week during a gig in Russia.

While performing, Millar reached into the crowd for someone’s selfie stick. Instead of destroying it like some other bands would do, he decided to film a bit of action from the stage. Then, when Millar tried to reach out again to hand the selfie stick back, he tripped and fell through the crowd, to the floor.

His Protest The Hero mates quickly noticed this and stopped playing. Within seconds, vocalist Rody Walker couldn’t contain himself and began laughing feverishly at Millar’s expense, lamenting the fact that he didn’t see the fall itself.

Fortunately, Millar emerged from the crowd unscathed and the show continued on. Walker, asked the crowd if anyone had filmed the tumble. Because it’s 2015, of course someone did:

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