Quick Track Review: Rock Masters Band – “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls”


Hearing regional influence in a song can become a skill for anyone who listens to enough music rock-masters-bandover time. What’s an even more impressive skill is identifying the region, then arguing (with success) that the band responsible for what you’re hearing is from a whole other part of the globe.

In this case, Riffyou.com failed the latter when encountering “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls,” the latest single from the Sami “Haxu” Hakala-led Rock Masters Band.

Very American in feel, “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls” sounds like something that could’ve appeased the mullet-sporting, denim jacket crowd that filled arenas and heavy metal parking lots back in the 1980s. What’s more, it has that charming twang that is easily able to engage those who like crunchier, rock-influenced country.

Once we dug a bit deeper – to our surprise – it was discovered that Rock Masters Band is a product of Finland, a country that’s never been afraid to rock with heavy chops.

No less, “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls” is a well-executed rocker with memorable hooks and a melody that doesn’t go into hiding. Some of the lyrics slide into the eye-roll category, but if Rock Masters Band was aiming for the demographic described above, then that really shouldn’t matter. If that’s not the case, then focusing on the message as much as the musicality would be recommended.

-Adam Grant

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