Review: The Liquorsmiths – “This Book Belongs To”


As I sit here on the first day of fall with The Liquorsmiths’ This Book Belongs To album, I can’t help but feel how much the crisp air blowing through the window and the Americana-folk bursting out of my speakers seem to perfectly mesh.

What The Liquorsmiths have accomplished here is an album that immediately lends itself to your environment, then helps provide a comforting barricade between you and whatever stress is popping up in your life. For the time in which these six, spacious tunes run, everything feels okay with the world.

The lyrical work is heartfelt, while the twang is equally balanced with a softer, introspective rock spirit that must send shivers to those fortunate enough to catch The Liquorsmiths at an intimate gig. Meanwhile, the vocals are piercing, yet have their potency controlled at the proper moments.

This Book Belongs To is the perfect snapshot of a rising folk act that should easily be able to make friends as time goes along.

-Adam Grant

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