Riff Clip: Amanda Palmer Performs “Ukulele Anthem” at CMW 2014


On day one of Canadian Music Week’s Music Summit, performance artist, former member of The Dresden Dolls, and current solo act and Internet dynamo, Amanda Palmer, took to the stage for one of the afternoon’s Celebrity Interview sessions.

During her truly candid time on stage, Palmer discussed the triumphant and turbulent moments that have occurred throughout her lengthy career, which included raising a million dollars on Kickstarter, only to then be subjected to ridicule for asking musicians to voluntarily perform with her at shows. Palmer said that this practice had been going on for years, but really only became a problem after the Kickstarter success. To get the vicious media off her back – and to put an end to a range of online trash-talking – she began handing out some bucks.

Palmer, who a few years ago put out a ukulele-based Radiohead covers album, ended her time with the packed ballroom by picking up that instrument for a stirring rendition of her track, “Ukulele Anthem.” Fortunately, Riffyou.com had its camera rolling.

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