Riff Clip: Kongos Discuss Touring & Animal Sacrifices


If you listen to the radio, chances are you’ve heard the infectious loveliness of “Come With Me Now,” the runaway hit from South African quartet, Kongos. With its distinctive accordion-based intro, through to the chanted chorus that sticks in the brain like a beautiful memory, this song has set these gentlemen well on their way.

On Wednesday afternoon, Riffyou.com sat down at Toronto’s Hard Rock Café with the band of brothers – Dylan, Daniel, Jesse, and Johnny Kongos – to talk about their not-so-sudden rise; the success of 2012’s Lunatic, and working with family.

While you’ll hear all about those points in our full-fledged Kongos interview feature next week, today we share with you a quick video of the band discussing touring, animal sacrifices, as well as synchronized swimming.


-Adam Grant

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