Riff Clip: The Trews Talk Christmas & New Album


Since releasing their rousing debut album House of Ill Fame in 2003, The Trews – Colin MacDonald (vocals, guitar), John-Angus-MacDonald (guitar), Jack Syperek (bass), and Sean Dalton (drums) – have gained a reputation as a band that relentlessly tours, while managing to fill the rock radio airwaves with goodness like “Not Ready to Go,” “So She’s Leaving,” and “Sing Your Heart Out.”

At the Andy Kim Christmas Show in Toronto last week, the guys took a break from working on their forthcoming album to play some holiday tunes for a good cause. Prior to the band’s soundcheck, Riffyou.com caught up with the brothers MacDonald to get some details on their new material, as well as their opinions on Christmas music.

Have a look at the clip below for the full interview.