Rob Zombie Runs Over Facebook Troll with his Dragula


Social media has allowed lots of people to talk shit about those they don’t know, then disappear back into anonymity when the furnace of backlash gets cranked too high. Recently, rocker and horror film creator, Rob Zombie, opted not to let one of these trolls disappear into the netherworld without being held accountable for an asinined comment.

On Zombie’s official Facebook page (which includes an amazing, prominent photo of Zombie with Elton John and Alice Cooper), he shared video updates regarding his forthcoming album, plus film projects 31 and Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House. In the comments section, someone by the name of Matt Galloway bravely wrote: “Soooo, When did you decide to become a hipster?”

Needless to say, Zombie did not take kindly to this, subsequently posting a blown up version of the troll’s profile picture, along with the comment: “Sir you are in no condition to discuss what is hip.”

Rob Zombie: 1. Matt Galloway: 0.

The exchange has since been deleted, but fortunately a screen shot exists:


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