Ryan Adams Makes $100,000 Album, then Scraps it


Hip-hop stars love to make it rain on strippers, but alt-country hero Ryan Adams recently made it rain for an album that’ll likely never see the light of day.

In an interview with NME, Adams – who will release his Self-Titled album on September 9 – revealed that he spent “$100,000 or more” on what was going to be his next release, before scrapping it. Explaining his decision, Adams noted that “it was slow, adult shit. I’m just over that.”

While Adams still cares about what he puts into the world (in an age where it seems that some don’t), he has seemingly stopped concerning himself with the opinions of others.

“I’m too old to care who likes my records,” said Adams. “It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgements about records but the music is eternal.”

In other Adams news, he just released a video for his new single, “Gimme Something Good.” You can watch it right here:

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