Sloan Releasing Four-Sided Album, “Commonwealth”


On September 9, Canadian rock heroes Sloan will release their 11th studio album, Commonwealth, through Yep Records. This will be the sloan-commonwealthband’s first album since their 20th anniversary one, The Double Cross.

Throughout their career, Sloan has been known to be very democratic artistically, thus allowing each member’s musical influences to creep in from time-to-time. With Commonwealth, that concept is explored perhaps more so than ever.

The album is broken up into four parts, with the band members – Chris Murphy, Patrick Pentland, Jay Ferguson, and Andrew Scott – each creatively leading a segment of it. Like a deck of cards, each ‘side’ is designated a suit (Diamond, Heart, Shamrock, Spade).

Ferguson’s Diamond side is said to showcase his “remarkable knack for symphonic pop,” while Pentland’s Shamrock zones in more on “pedal-hoppin’ psych rock.” Murphy’s Heart, meanwhile, “burst[s] with wit, jangle, and electric energy,” as Scott’s Spade is described as “an ingenious 18-minute pop suite.”

Damn, this is going to awesome!

-Adam Grant

In case you missed it, here is our photo spread of Sloan performing at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival last month.


Diamond side: 

1. “We’ve Come This Far”
2. “You’ve Got A Lot On Your Mind”
3. “Three Sisters”
4. “Cleopatra”
5. “Neither Here Nor There”

Heart side:

6. “Carried Away”
7. “So Far So Good”
8. “Get Out”
9. “Misty’s Beside Herself”
10. “You Don’t Need Excuses To Be Good”

Shamrock side:

11. “13 (Under A Bad Sign)”
12. “Take It Easy”
13. “What’s Inside”
14. “Keep Swinging (Downtown)”

Spade side:

15. “Forty-Eight Portraits”

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