Spike Lee Appearing at Canadian Music Week


Canadian Music Week has confirmed that the iconic director of such films as Do the Right Thing spike-leeand Malcolm X, Spike Lee, will appear as part of a special Keynote interview on Saturday, May 9.

To be held from 3pm-3:45pm at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto, the interview will focus on Spike Lee’s career and “will give attendees a rare inside look into the filmmaker’s accomplishments, creative process and more.” Ticket information can be found here.

At 2pm on Sunday, May 10, a special screening of Do the Right Thing will be held at The Royal Cinema, followed by a Q&A session with Lee.

During his illustrious four-decade career, Lee has directed, produced, written and acted in over 50 films. He’s also the founder of the 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks production company. He’s also an avid New York Knicks fan and stars in brilliant credit card commercials with Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Barkley.

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