Stream New Cancer Bats Album “Searching for Zero”


Toronto metal favourites Cancer Bats will unleash their feverously heavy fifth album, Searching for Zero, on March 10, but fans are able to stream it today.

Ross Robinson, a super-producer who has worked with the likes of Slipknot and The Cure, helmed the album, which you can listen to below.

“We were coming out of what was a really heavy year for all of us, with a lot of challenges, non-stop touring and the deaths of people really close to the band,” says frontman Liam Cormier of the album. “With all of these things we’ve had to deal with this past year, we were all at the point of saying ‘no more bullshit,’ we’ve dealt with everything, nothing is standing in our way.

He adds: “We’ve found our absolute zero, where there can no longer be a negative, and from that point, everything moving forward can only be positive” And that positivity – that willingness to change what you can and let go of the rest – is the source of resolution. “There are real reasons we do this. We love being in this band, and we love the people that we’re lucky enough to share this with.”

(Click the photo below to stream the album and stay tuned for our feature interview with Cancer Bats.)

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