Syrup Dreams: Marilyn Manson Denny’s Story Gets Weirder


Earlier this week, reports surfaced claiming that Marilyn Manson got punched in the face by a man marilyn-manson-dennysat a Denny’s restaurant following a Saturday night performance in Alberta, Canada. There’s been conflicting reports that the assault came after Manson called the guy’s girlfriend a “bitch,” while the Manson camp claim that the attack was unprovoked.

Well, there’s been a break in the case thanks to a dude that called into 98.1 The Bridge and claimed that the fistful of hate was delivered to Manson by his co-worker’s friend. Yeah, apparently this counts as a source nowadays.

This caller, whose name wasn’t provided but seemed very enthusiastic about being on the air, explained that Manson was punched because he not only (allegedly) hit on the guy’s girlfriend in front of him, he then (allegedly) offered to pay her to leave with him.

It was at that point that (allegedly) The Pancake Emperor got smacked.

You can listen to the interview right here:

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