TF5: 5 Songs We Must Hear at Riot Fest Toronto (Saturday)


Riot Fest Toronto will explode upon Downsview Park this week, with an exceptional bill that’ll be headlined by The Cure on Saturday, then City and Colour on Sunday. In this rare two-part edition of The Friday 5, we tell you which five songs we absolutely, positively, must hear on each given day.

Let’s start with Saturday, shall we?

New Found Glory: “My Friends Over You”
(Riot Stage @ 2:20pm)

Say what you will about pop-punk’s glory days and how they’re no more, but some bands still brightly carry the torch, even if their sound has evolved – New Found Glory is one of those bands. That is why we’re dying to hear “My Friends Over You.” It may be roughly 12 years old, but the signature riff is still air guitar worthy, while the lyrics are as memorable and relatable as ever.


Death From Above 1979: “Romantic Rights”
(Riot Stage @ 7pm)

Okay, yes, we’re excited that this band will be releasing their first new albumin 10 years, The Physical World, next week, but few songs have that undying punch of excitement as “Romantic Rights” does. That intro winds, builds, and then winds some more into beautifully controlled chaos. If you’re in the pit on Saturday as this track gets revved up, brace yourself for some heavy bruising.


Billy Talent: “Cut the Curtains”
(Rock Stage @ 8pm)

This one may be a long shot considering that it was not a single and festivals usually feature hit-centric sets, but “Cut the Curtains” is by far one of Billy Talent’s most shearing and crunching tracks. Featured on the band’s Self-Titled 2003 debut album, this song rips all the way through with a youthful aggression that BT has managed to successfully mature with over time.


The Flaming Lips: “Do You Realize??”
(Roots Stage @ 8pm)

While on at the same time as Billy Talent, we’re going to do our best to catch a few minutes with The Flaming Lips, with the hope that they drive into the stony and serene “Do You Realize??” Sure, The Flaming Lips are widely regarded for their tried-and-true live spectacle, but within a day comprised of a ton of edgy bands, this will track will serve as a nice cool down.


The Cure: “In Between Days”
(Riot Stage @ 9pm)

While there are at least 10 songs (if not more) that we’d desire to see The Cure play, “In Between Days” hits the top of our list. Why? Simply put, it’s beautiful, romantic, and a touch gloomy. With all of those elements nicely intact, this is as quintessential a song for The Cure as there is.

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