Third Man Records to “make vinyl history.” We Have Some Hairbrained Guesses About What That Means


Colour us intrigued! Jack White’s Third Man Records has announced that it’ll “make vinyl history again.” Of course, we don’t know what that is and we’ll have to wait until July 30 to have a full understanding about what the hell is going on here.

If you’ve followed Third Man long enough, you know all about the three-speed vinyl, recording and printing a 45 in unprecedented time, as well as the label’s continuous interest in recording in-house concerts direct to acetate. We may be missing a few things, but we’re paying as close attention as we can.

Nonetheless, what could White and his Third Man crew be up to this time around?

Could a four speed vinyl be coming?

Could the label be manufacturing a different sized vinyl than what’s already being made?

Could Third Man have created an edible record?

Could one side be recorded in analog, while the other is recorded digitally? (Maybe someone has done this already?)

Could the whole vinyl have a hologram look complete with a winking Jack White face?

Okay, we’re out of ideas. Odds are, however, it’ll be amazing and make many wonder why they didn’t think of it at first. Damn you, White, you brilliant bastard!


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