Thunderbird Owned By Joe Strummer Goes Up for Auction


Have you ever bought a t-shirt of The Clash and thought, ‘this is great, but it doesn’t represent the heights of my fandom’? If so, and you have joe-strummer-carover $20,000 kicking around, then you can go onto eBay and purchase a 1963 blue Ford Thunderbird owned by Joe Strummer from 1987 until his death in 2002.

The auction – which ends August 21 (what would’ve been his 62nd birthday) and is being conducted by the Beverly Hills Car Club – says that Strummer purchased the vehicle for $4,200, and used to “take his partner Gaby and their two young daughters on family outings to the desert” in it.

All of the vehicle’s pertinent details, as well as photos of the exterior, interior, and what’s under the hood, can be viewed on the eBay listing.

He may have sung about a “Brand New Cadillac,” but apparently Strummer was a T-Bird type of fellow. Who knew?

-Adam Grant

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