Watch The Futures League Video for “Women, Trials & Tribulations”


So-Cal rockers The Futures League have put out a video for “Women, Trials & Tribulations,” the first single off of their 2014 EP, Don’t Be A Drag. If you like to see bands use archival TV footage from the ‘80s and put green screen technology to the test, then this is a must watch.

Of the video, Future League’s drummer John Fontana had this to say:

“The video was shot on a green screen by director Kevin Clark. There clearly wasn’t a story line and we all just brought random objects/outfits that we had lying around our house,” he explains. “Kevin would just tell us to act out things like driving in a car or falling out of the sky and then he added all the background images in after we shot. We snuck into this studio to shoot so time was tight and we just had to get it done. Based on the video, you can tell we take ourselves very seriously.”

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