Watch Justin Bieber Fail at Skateboarding…Hard


Christmas may have just passed, but a new gift has been given to those who had wished bad things upon the nuisance that is Justin Bieber.

On Sunday, Bieber found some stairs near New York’s Madison Square Gardens and decided to put on a skateboarding show for a throng of Beliebers who obviously need a new hobby. After trying repeatedly to catch some air, Bieber crashed hard, and hit the stairs with authority.

For a few seconds, the world stopped. The man (?) who opted to weather leather pants and what looked like a t-shirt dress while boarding, was down. Would this be it? Would this humiliating moment be the one that takes Justin Bieber out of our lives and into celebrity seclusion for good?

Unfortunately not. Word is that he’s still out there, pretending to be awesome.

But hey, look on the bright side – there’s a video of the crash for us to watch!

-Adam Grant

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