Watch Limblifter’s Trippy Video for “Hotel Knife”


West coast alt-pop collective, Limblifter, have released a trippy new video for “Hotel Knife,” the latest single to emerge from the 2015 album, Pacific Milk.

The video was shot in a Berlin hotel and shows Dahle roaming the facility while all tricked out with some lively, bold colouring that may or may not mess with your eyeballs. Directed by Dahle’s Mounties bandmate Steve Bays, the “Hotel Knife” video is a visually stimulating effort that perfectly lines up with the song’s vibe.

“I don’t really start out with a clear intention of what I want to talk about or what I want to write about – it just [depends on] what I’m thinking about, stories I’ve read, or things that friends or I are going through,” said Dahle of Pacific Milk during an interview earlier this year with “I do try to tie things together, though. Sometimes if I have an idea, I like for it to wind through a few different songs.”

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