Watch: Paul Stanley of Kiss in Folgers Coffee Commercial


Kiss has long been known as one of those bands that’ll slap its logo on just about any piece of merchandise that a buck can be made on. Yes, there are Kiss action figures, comics, condoms, and caskets…there may even be a Kiss coffee we’ve never heard about.

The latter doesn’t matter all too much anymore, however, as a scrapped 2000 Folgers Coffee commercial starring Paul Stanley was unearthed over the weekend, and proves funnier than Gene Simmons’ sexual conquest claims.

In the ad – which was gloriously uploaded onto YouTube for all to giggle at – a makeup-less Stanley saunters and sings, “This is your wakeup call, time to reach, go for it all,’ as a pair of acrobats fly above him.

The cheese here is thick, as was the head of whoever tried to dress Stanley like a casual Friday pirate.

Our words can only do this video so much justice, so please, do enjoy and draw your own conclusions:

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