Watch The Strokes Entire Primavera Sound Set


At Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival on Saturday, The Strokes performed its first European show in four years. In case you were unable to hop a plane and get to Spain in time for the gig, the band’s entire 18-song gig can now be watched below.

In a recent interview with Noisey, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes confirmed that the band is getting ready to build its first album since 2013’s Comedown Machine.

“It’s the first time we’ve been exclusively writing since Comedown Machine,” explained Casablancas. “We’re planning on recording stuff. I still think we could do cool things and I’ll do that.”

He continued: “Here’s the thing, The Strokes, the relationship is good now. FYF [Festival in 2014] was kind of a moment where for once things were cool for me, but that was very recently. So I’m trying to do stuff to keep it alive, work on it, give it a chance.”


“Machu Picchu”
“Heart in a Cage”
“Barely Legal”
“Automatic Stop”
“One Way Trigger”
“You Talk Way Too Much”
“All the Time”
“Taken for a Fool”
“You Only Live Once”
“Is This It”
“Last Nite”
“Take It or Leave It”

“The Modern Age”
“Under Cover of Darkness”
“Hard to Explain”
“New York City Cops”

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