Anti-Flag Unveil “Cease Fires” Picture Disc Vinyl



Anti-Flag have pulled the curtain back to unveil Cease Fires, a limited edition picture disc vinyl. Only 1,000 copies are available and can be ordered here.

Cease Fires includes 12 re-recorded and re-mastered cuts from the extensive Anti-Flag back catalogue. These were only previously released as part of the 20 Years of Hell 7″ subscription. Two B-Sides from the American Spring recording sessions are also on this album.

Those who purchase this vinyl will also receive digital download link for the album and be entered into a draw to win one sexy-looking guitar.


1. Coward In My Veins

2. The New Jim Crow

3. Kill The Rich (re-recorded)

4. Twenty Years Of Hell (re-recorded)

5. The Consumer’s Song (re-recorded)

6. Bring Out Your Dead (re-recorded)

7. Mumia’s Song (re-recorded)

8. Wake Up (re-recorded)

9. The WTO Kills Farmers (re-recorded)

10. No Future (re-recorded)

11. The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid) (re-recorded)

12. The Great Depression (re-recorded)

13. The Ghosts Of Alexandria (re-recorded)

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