Billy Corgan Can’t Compete with Pornographic Pop Stars


To fans, it’s no secret that Smashing Pumpkins originally broke up in 2000 at least partly due to Billy Corgan’s belief that his billy-corgan-blueband could no longer compete in the pop-centric landscape.

All these years later and just ahead of the December 9 release of the new Smashing Pumpkins album, Monuments for an Elegy, Corgan still seems to feel the same way, but intends on fighting back.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, the often outspoken frontman said, “I have a strange sense that people have had it with pop.”

He followed that opinion up with this doozy: “I can’t compete with somebody who’s doing porn. The person who does porn for their video is going to sell more records than me. So how did we compete back in the day and how do we compete now? It’s the same. You have to be truer than false, realer than fake, and you have to bring something that only you can bring.”


What we’ve heard thus far from Monument for an Elegy is encouraging and reminiscent of the glory days in which Smashing Pumpkins experienced. Can’t wait to hear to it all!

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