Blink-182 Reflect Positively on First Gigs with Matt Skiba


In case the fan-shot footage wasn’t obvious enough, those in the crowd at last Wednesday’s Blink-182 Blink182-Alkalineshow at The Roxy in Los Angeles were really digging the presence of new guitarist and vocalist, Matt Skiba.

Skiba, who has (at least for now) replaced Tom DeLonge on the Blink-182 roster, is by zero means a nobody, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he was able to more than carry his weight.

In a new interview with Billboard, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker shed some light on the first public performances his band has had with Skiba.

“Oh, it was so fun ’cause you’re in a practice room for four weeks and I know how dope it sounds and I know how good the vibe is going, but no one else does,” explained Barker. “So it’s finally like, ‘Okay, we’ve heard Trav talk about it, we’ve heard Mark talk about it, we just witnessed it.’ Fans pretty much feel the same way. In San Diego during our encore, kids were chanting ‘Skiba, Skiba.’ It was awesome.”

He continued: “It went off just like I thought it would. It was definitely a great feeling to see what I was feeling was reassured by the crowd response and by feedback via the Internet and social media.”

Outside of Blink-182 now, it’s been reported that DeLonge will release four albums and 15 novels this year.

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