City and Colour Debut Charity Song, “Nowhere, Texas”


City and Colour have released “Nowhere, Texas,” a previously unreleased track that’s profits will be donated to the YWCA of City_And_Colour_RF2014-SMCanada’s Rose Campaign to end violence against women.

Dallas Green penned the song after watching Texas Killing Fields, an American crime film that was inspired by the real-life murders of numerous women near Interstate 45 in Texas City, TX.

“I recorded ‘Nowhere, Texas’ during a session for The Hurry and The Harm,” explains Green. “I knew as soon as I listened to it, there was a better place for the song than the album. I’ve held on to it all this time and chose to release it as a way to bring attention to something around us everyday: violence against women.”

Tomorrow (December 6), marks the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. On that day in 1989, a lone gunman – whose goal it was to fight feminism – murdered 14 women and injured another 14 individuals.

All these years later, this day is now observed as Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

To learn more about the YWCA of Canada campaign, visit:

-Photo by: Adam Grant

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