The CMW Questionnaire: La Sera


La Sera

As Canadian Music Week (CMW) takes over Toronto this week, we catch up with a number of the festival performers. Here is countrified-punk act La Sera participating in the CMW questionnaire. Click here to find out when they are playing.

RY: An event like Canadian Music Week for my band is all about…

“We love playing Canada!”

RY: When someone in the audience sees your band for the first time, what do you hope their reaction will be?

“[People saying] ‘These dudes shred!’”

RY: What, when and where was the best show you’ve ever played? What made it so awesome?

“One of the best shows ever was a month ago in Los Angeles – it was a rad home town show.”

RY: What, when and where was the worst/weirdest show you’ve ever played? What made it terrible?

“We always try and look at the bright side.”

RY: What is the coolest thing fans will be able to find on your merch table?

“Our new record!!”

RY: When on tour, which do you crave the most? (And why?) Your own bed, your own shower, or a homemade meal?

“Our pets! We miss our dog and cats.”

RY: What is your worst on-tour habit?

“Fast food.”

RY: What is the nerdiest thing about your band that you usually try to keep secret?

“We watch the news on TV before bed every night.”

RY: Which song would you love to cover on-stage… but don’t think you’d be able to pull off?

“We can pull off ANY song!”

RY: What makes you most proud of your band?

“How loud we are as just three people.”