Crossing Guard Ousted After Dancing in Born Ruffians Video


Toronto’s no fun patrol has made its presence known by suspending 65-year-old crossing guard Kathleen Byers after she appeared in the Born Ruffians video for “Oh born-ruffians-indies-3-smallCecilia.”

Byers, a crossing guard of 10 years, had gained a reputation over time as a fun-loving individual that would typically play music and dance while guiding children across the road. Even though she claims to have never had a child injured while on duty, she told The National Post that her bosses – the Toronto Police – approached her in December and requested that she tone down her behaviour. Byers obliged.

However, after Byers was seen busting many moves as the central character in the “Oh Cecilia” video, she received a notice of suspension from the force. In it, she was informed that she’d be suspended without pay immediately because she wore her uniform for “a purpose other than prescribed in Toronto Police Service rules and procedures.”

“I wasn’t twerking or wearing a thong for God’s sake,” Byers told the Post. ““It’s a sad world when you just can’t enjoy life and not take everything so seriously.”

Instead of fighting the suspension, Byers has quit her gig. She’s not interested in battling and believes that she’s leaving on a high note.

“It’s such a shame,” said Mitch DeRosier the bassist for Born Ruffians in a separate chat with the Post. “You see someone who loves their job so much, or like even loves life so much … her dancing, it’s so infectious. We never had that intention…to get her in any kind of trouble or anything.”

The National Post reports that Born Ruffians were made aware of this dancing crossing guard by their manager, someone who would regularly encounter a grooving Byers.

Byers says that she doesn’t have any ill will against the coppers, but does believe that they were looking for a reason to get rid of her.

In case you haven’t seen Byers and Born Ruffians in action together yet, here they are!

-Adam Grant

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