Duh! Study Proves Metal Fans are the Most Loyal


According to a recent study conducted by music streaming service Spotify, it’s been determined Slayer - 2015that the most loyal music fans out there (globally) are the ones that dress in leather; get skull tattoos; and dedicate themselves to the church of Slayer. Yes, we are talking about metal fans.

“Aside from the obvious conclusions that metal fans are the most loyal of all and pop fans are also fairly loyal globally, one could also conclude that the more guitar-oriented genres inspire more loyalty in the listener,” read an excerpt from the study. “It’s worth remembering our methodology here: We looked for repeated listens to the core artists from each genre — the ones sitting right at the ‘center’ of the genres, as it were. So one could also reasonably conclude that jazz, EDM, classical, and blues listeners play more fringe artists from those genres.”

It added: “This doesn’t necessarily mean metal is ‘better’ than Jazz (metalheads would disagree), but it does tell us that Metal fans are in fact the most hardcore, according to this new measure of genre loyalty.”

When asked by Mashable for an opinion on how dedicated metal fans are, Bob Lugowe of Relapse Records had this to say:

“Whether it’s wearing a ‘battle jacket’ full of sewn on patches of their favorite bands, buying every vinyl color and edition of their favorite album, tattooing their favorite band mascot on their arm or traveling exceptionally long distances to concerts and festivals, metalheads are extremely diehard and dedicated to their favorite bands and the genre as a whole.”



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