Father-Son Team Building Wooden Turntables


We all know that the vinyl renaissance is in full motion right now, with records and turntables becoming wooden-turntablemuch more present in the listening rooms of music enthusiasts. Well, a father-son team is hoping to get a spot in those rooms with the wooden turntables they build.

Under the moniker of Silvan Audio Workshop, the duo has taken to Kickstarter with the hope of generating $14,000 in funding to improve their operation.

“Our project here on Kickstarter is aimed at outfitting our two workspaces to work more efficiently and get the same high quality we’ve had so far, more quickly and easily,” reads a quote on the funding page. “With your help, we can take this from a small hobby to a real operation.”

Each turntable is built from natural hardwood and features components from “English audio wizards” Rega. A heavy, clear glass platter supports the record, all the while keeping the wood in view. Meanwhile, the belt drive system “is made with precision to deliver low vibration, low noise, and highly accurate speed.” All construction is done by hand.

Currently, the team is building three turntable models: The Archer, The Champion, as well as The Sampo. Each offers a different collection of features.

“Our vision is to make one-of-a-kind objects of art that will be the centerpiece of any home entertainment system,” it’s noted on the Kickstarter page. “We believe that if your music is unique, if it has soul and life and beauty, the things you use to play it should have all the same character. Mass-produced just isn’t good enough.”

This campaign runs until March 23. If you would like to learn more about these turntables, Silvan Audio Workshop has published a video on their Kickstarter page.

-Adam Grant


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