Foo Fighters Helping Ill Mega-Fan with Bucket List


Ken Powell, a mega-Foo Fighters fan is currently battling stage four melanoma, but that won’t stop him ken_foo_fightersfrom rocking with the band. Thanks to an act of kindness from Dave Grohl and the guys, the Australian resident will soon get to scratch a pretty big item off his bucket list: meeting the Foo Fighters.

When the band recently toured Australia, Powell attended all six shows across the country; all the while experiencing several health-related hurtles along the way. Powell’s goal was to meet Foo Fighters, but the band had to cancel all meet and greets after Grohl was struck by food poisoning.

However, it just so happened that Powell’s friend Daniella Whitehead – a flight attendant for Qantas – was looking after the Foo Fighters on their flight out of Australia. She shared Powell’s story with them, leading to a photo of Grohl posing with a “Hi Ken” sign. He also provided an autograph, souvenirs and the promise of VIP passes to see Foo Fighters in Los Angeles.

“At the invitation of Foo Fighters management, we’re trying to raise funds to get over there and meet the band – finally,” said Powell in an interview with Yahoo.

Currently, Powell (whose nickname is Ken the Foo Fighter) is hoping to raise funds to make the trip to Los Angeles feasible for he and his wife, Ann. In all, Powell is trying to raise $20,000. That may seem like a lot, but the money not used for the trip will be donated to Melanoma Institute Australia.

For more information, you can visit the official Ken the Foo Fighter – My Hero Facebook page. Donations can be made to his GoFundMe campaign.

Adam Grant

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