Hollerado Releasing Fan-Driven “111 Songs” Album


Back in July, Riffyou.com spent a few minutes with Hollerado’s Menno Versteeg, who let us in on the daunting process of writing and recording 111 songs that were guided by fans.

“As we’ve been writing these songs, you read facts like, ‘I have a dog named Jim and I like cross-country skiing.’ And, I can’t really write a song with those facts,” admitted Versteeg. “So, we’re finding inspiration ourselves – as we always do – and we’re just trying to put in these little nods to the [info] people have sent us.”

You see, the first 111 fans who pre-ordered Hollerado’s 2013 full-length, White Paint, were able to send in a few factoids about themselves in which the band would use as inspiration for songs.

Now, the hook-embracing indie rock collective have successfully met the challenge and will release the 111 Songs album on March 24. It’ll feature a collection of demos from which Hollerado will pull from to make their much-anticipated third album.

The first single from 111 Songs is “Firefly (Annie Murphy),” which was inspired by a house fire that ravaged Versteeg and wife Annie Murphy’s Toronto condo, is available on iTunes now.

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