In View: 6 Memorable Soundgarden Video Moments


As Soundgarden proved itself to be one of the most dynamic, heavy and creative rock bands of the late-’80s to mid-’90s (before amazingly reuniting in the 2000s), the band benefitted from a world’s thirst for music videos. People not only wanted to see the faces of those behind the epic riffs and howling vocals, people wanted to see some action, insane imagery and straight-up weirdness. In many instances, Soundgarden gave the video-heads exactly what they wanted.

Here is a look back at what we deem to be Soundgarden at its on-the-screen finest.


In “Outshined,” Soundgarden’s surrounded by chains, flames and look to have found themselves sweating it out in an industrial hell. The heat of the video is a perfect reflection of the song’s incredible intensity.


Apart from promotional photos, Soundgarden is largely absent from this video as it is focused upon the song’s inspiration, street artist Artis the Spoonman – watch him get down with his bad self!

“Black Hole Sun”

The world is ending and everyone is going bat-shit crazy. In one of the most visually impressive videos of the ’90s, “Black Hole Sun” features a bunch of scary stretched out faces, an uncomfortably large dog and a deliriously happy teen jumping rope. A lot of it is so creepy, you can’t help but be scared into laughter.

“Burden in My Hand”

Simplistic yet beautiful, Soundgarden go for a reflective stroll in the desert. Draped in black and responsible for a tree going ablaze, the band makes it way toward a giant lightning storm. Why not? Everyone needs to cool off now and then.

“Blow Up the Outside World”

Strapped into a twisted-looking medical apparatus with a device attached to his noggin, Chris Cornell is being worked on by a pair of mad scientists. The goal? Our best guess is they’re looking to manipulate Cornell and/or train him to view the outside world in specific ways. Eventually, an explosion foils these plans and the Soundgarden singer is left in his Jesus Christ pose.

“Rusty Cage”

As Soundgarden rifles off a dizzying performance in a fluorescent room, a manhunt is taking place in the woods. Dogs are on the prowl, as one man and his truck attempt to break free. What can’t be escaped here is Soundgarden’s fury.

Soundgarden performs tomorrow night (Saturday, July 11) alongside Jane’s Addiction at BIG Music Festival in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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