Jailbreak: AC/DC Drummer Avoids Prison Over Death Threats


As AC/DC continues to tour the globe on its Rock or Bust tour, the band’s usual drummer, Phil Rudd, will sit at home for the next eight months after threatening to kill one of his former employees and the employee’s 10-year-old daughter.

In April, Rudd pleaded guilty to the threatening to kill charge, as well two drug possession charges and will now serve eight months of home detention. The sentence came down this morning in Tauranga District Court on New Zealand’s North Island.

Rudd has caught a break here, because he could’ve been jailed for upwards of seven years.

While AC/DC currently has Chris Slade handling its drumming duties, the band hasn’t formally dismissed Rudd from his role in AC/DC, or said that he’ll be able to re-join the band once his legal matters concluded.

To sum this all up, we’ll give the final word to the late, great, Bon Scott:

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