Here is Jason Sudeikis Interviewing Mumford & Sons


During his time with Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis parodied Mumford & Sons and even mumford-interviewhad the guys play a Beatles cover band in a sketch he wrote back in 2012.

To help promote the band’s latest album Wilder Mind, Sudeikis sat down with Mumford & Sons for a humorous fan-driven Q&A. During the conversation, a rather Elvis Costello-looking Marcus Mumford responded once again to the decision to abandon the group’s acoustic-based sound for a more electric one this time around.

“I think our musical tastes are pretty broad, so we sort of borrowed some acoustic instruments to make the first couple of albums,” explained Mumford. “We grew up playing electric guitars and drum kits, electric basses and keyboards, so they were our first instruments. I think we want to keep trying different things because if you just do the same thing again and again…for us, it would be boring. Our tastes, especially because we are all song writers and all play different instruments…we want to keep changing things up. It [comes down to] whether or not people come with us for that…if they don’t, I think we’ll keep doing it.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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