Listen to Demo of Kurt Cobain’s Pre-Nirvana Band, Fecal Matter


It’s a big week for the leaking of old, not-expected-to-be-unearthed recordings. First, a ton of rare Nirvana songs emerged, followed by the Foo Fighters’ ‘Million Dollar Demos’ (aka demos from the One By One sessions). Now, we have the demo tape of Fecal Matter, Kurt Cobain’s pre-Nirvana band.

Like the Foo Fighters demo, this one was tossed onto Reddit. Eventually, it was shared on YouTube by the RareNirvana channel.

Titled Illiteracy Will Prevail, this 58-minute escapade has a real sludgy feel to it, even as the band’s punk rock appreciation shines through.

Along with Cobain, Fecal Matter also features Dale Crover of Melvins fame and Greg Hokanson.

Less talk, more rock:

Illiteracy Will Prevail Tracklisting:
1. “Sound of Dentage” (00:00)
2. “Bambi Slaughter” (04:50)
3. “Laminated Effect” (08:24)
4. “Blathers Log” (10:42)
5. “Class of ’86” (13:19)
6. “Boatakk” (17:15)
7. “Love My Family” (19:21)
8. “Accusations” (28:28)
9. “Spank Thru” (33:05)
10. “Insurance” (36:55)
11. “Buffy’s Pregnant” (38:24)
12. “Vaseline” (42:41)
13. “Downer” (45:08)
14. Instrumental version of “Boatakk” (48:09)
15. Riffs & “Turnaround” by Devo (49:48)

(Thanks to Consequence of Sound!)

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