Ryan Adams is Covering Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album


We all know Ryan Adams is a big fan of heavy metal, science fiction and comic books, but Taylor Swift? Who knew? As Instagram and Twitter told us last night, the alt-country rocker revealed that he and his band are covering Swift’s massive 1989 album in its entirety.

In addition to several shared photos of Swift lyrics on Instagram, Adams also shared an audio clip of his band’s recording of “Welcome to New York.” This, however, only surfaced once Swift got wind of Adams’ tribute and reached out to him via Twitter.

We don’t know yet if Adams will release his version of the 1989 album to the public, but since he owns and operates his own label, he can really do just about anything he wants.

Here’s last night’s Adams and Swift Instagram and Twitter action (from the beginning):

Taylor Swift 1989 full album cover night 1. As played by the Smiths. W @totally_tod @cstavish @natelotz

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

Guaranteed saddest version of Welcome to New York ever – or your tears back

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

#2 Blank Space… Deep end smiths vibe

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

Totally Tod being Totally Tod Halen @totally_tod 4 Totally Tod #1989

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on


A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

Taking a pinball break #1989 Then synth on Blank Space/ Style

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

#1989 Welcome to New York Way fun w the gang down at PaxAm.

A video posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

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