Paul McCartney Talks Toilets & Kanye’s Balls


In a new interview with Q Magazine, Paul McCartney tossed away the idea of ‘too much Def Jam Recordings Kanye McCartneyinformation’ when discussing how his new songs come to life.

When asked how he feels about playing a fresh creation to someone, McCartney explained that he is “shy” and “embarrassed,” if it’s not finished. So, how does he go about finishing?

“The trick is to go off on your own and finish [the song],” explained McCartney. “Go into the toilet – toilets are good. Separate yourself.”

During the same conversation with Q, McCartney was also asked about his recent collaborations with controversial hip-hop figure, Kanye West, to which he replied: “I had a call from someone saying, ‘Kanye would like to collaborate with you.’ But they didn’t tell me on what.”

Added McCartney: “I love his balls. If you’re gonna work with Kanye you have to accept who he is… Whether you like what Kanye does or you don’t, he’s an artist and it’s his prerogative.”

Last week, it was confirmed that Paul McCartney would headline the Friday night at Lollapalooza.

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