Record Your Album in 7 Days with Lagwagon’s Joey Cape


In an era that embraces revolutionary new ways of making music, Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape is jumping upon that acceptance through joey_cape_02_photocred_jens_nordstrom-smallthe creation of his label, One Week Records.

How this works, is that Cape convinces a musical friend to live at his home for a week. During that seven day stretch of being rock n’ roll roomies, the parties make a 10-song album. Everything is recorded at the home studio and once the album is completed, the musician is handed a sharpie and charged with drawing his own album cover.

From there, the digital files are placed upon the One Week Records website and the album becomes available for just $5.

Cape, inspired by how over-thought and sterile the in-studio recording process can be, believes that this process allows for a “really honest representation of the creativity, artist and song.”

He continues: “A One Week record is done in a week. We don’t have time to wreck it by second guessing things.”

Today, two inaugural releases are available at one by Flatliners frontman Chris Cresswell, and one by Brian Wahlstrom of Scorpios.

-Adam Grant
Photo by: Jens Nordstrom

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