Review: Ranson Scenery – “Ear to Ear”


When encountering anything a little bit strange, it is easy to either approach with extreme caution or bravely take the time to explore what may make the subject seem strange. With Ransom Scenery‘s Ear to Ear, it made sense to get a little closer.

On this nine-track affair, the Springfield, Illinois duo of Chaepter Negro and Drew Lowery trudge through deep alternative and shoegaze territory, all the while providing the listener with a multitude of electronic arrangements that grow on you with the fury of a high school crush.

For the most part, Ransom Scenery’s wordplay is buried just beneath the sonic surface, encouraging the listener to go deeper. For best results, slap on the headphones and get lost in the waves of the intricate boldness.

Once there, you’ll quickly see that as odd as Ear to Ear seems to be upon first listen, repeated attempts at the album will make Ransom Scenery feel more accessible than the duo initially lets on.

-Adam Grant

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