Ryan Adams Pulls the Trigger on a Jeb Bush Tweet


ryan-adams-plaid-redAs America continues to trudge toward its Presidential election and the realize that blowhard White House hopeful Donald Trump has yet to go away, one contender with a very famous last name is making headlines in the wrong sort of way.

Earlier this week, Republican Presidential hopeful, Governor Jeb Bush, tweeted out a photo of a gun with his name engraved on it. Meanwhile, the caption simply read: “America.” Lots of people liked and retweeted the post since, well, lots of Americans love their guns.

However, one American was really rubbed the wrong way by this controversial Bush tweet: musician Ryan Adams.

A day after the Bush tweet emerged, Adams found time to put down the guitar (which seems tough considering how much music he’s almost always making) to issue this response: “You stupid asshole.”

Yup, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Thanks for coming out Jeb.