The Sharks Who Stole the Super Bowl Halftime Show


While Katy Perry’s halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIX would’ve been tremendous for anyone on hallucinogenic drugs, what managed to steal the show were a pair of dancing sharks during the pop star’s rendition of “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls.”

Yeah, the gigantic metallic lion in which she rode in on and the replica of “The More You Know” star she rode out on were impressive, neither compare to the dancers shaking their fins in shark costumes.

Of course, if the sharks’ performance went swimmingly, maybe we’d be less inclined to celebrate their moment in the sun. But, since one appeared to be well choreographed, while the other (perhaps due to an imposter on hallucinogenic drugs) danced worse than a middle-aged white man trying to prove he’s still youthful, we must immediately reflect upon the time that some sharks stole the Super Bowl halftime show – without stealing anyone’s limbs.

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