Stone Temple Pilots Discuss How Weiland’s Addictions Impacted Them



Last week it was learned that Stone Temple Pilots had launched an intensive search for a new singer. Of course with such a mission comes further reflection on the life and passing of the band’s former frontman, Scott Weiland.

According to The Pulse of Radio and Blabbermouth, Stone Temple Pilots members Dean and Robert DeLeo spoke with KROQ on Monday and discussed the impact Weiland’s addiction issues had on them.

“When somebody keeps going in that direction, and I’m hanging on with hope, and help, and prayer, and doing whatever I can do…,” said Dean. “I spent over 20 years doing that, and it eventually starts to creep into my own home, my own living room, my own family. It starts to damage me.”

Added Robert: “I don’t know if people really understand addiction, and being around that, and not being an addict, and having to live with that on a personal and a business relationship.”

Also during the KROQ interview, Robert explained that Weiland had a challenging time being confronted by the band about the issues he was having.

“I think what we did offer Scott over the course of our career was the truth, and honesty,” offered Robert. “Someone who is that deep in their addiction runs from that, they run from truth and honesty. That’s where he was; we became these guys that he didn’t want to be around because we were telling him like it was.”

Weiland parted ways with Stone Temple Pilots in 2013. Unfortunately, we would pass away in 2015.