Hump Day Poll! 10 Bands People Love to Hate



It is not always easy to be a fan of any band. At one time or another, you’re going to run into someone that despises the very band that fills up your iTunes and always brings a smile to your face. All art is subjective and music is no different. loves bands like Pearl Jam, Weezer and Blink-182, but we are also very aware of the amount of venom each of these bands attract. Conversely, we have no love for the likes of Nickelback, Coldplay and Linkin Park, but understand that all three have millions, upon millions of devotees around the world.

While we usually like to promote the bands we love, today on the Hump Day Poll we want to know which one of those acts listed above (plus four others!) are the ones you love to hate the most.

In the poll below, simply tap the arrow to indicate your feeling for each band. The ‘Down’ arrow means you either love, put up with, or don’t mind the band, while the ‘Up’ arrow is designated for those who inspire you to jam a pencil in your ear.

Have fun!