The 1975’s Matthew Healy Recalls How Green Day Changed His Life



For years upon years, Green Day has had this tradition of welcoming fans on stage during concerts so that they could jam with the band. As it turns out, moments like that can help pave the way for greatness.

In a new interview with SPIN, Matthew Healy of big-and-getting-bigger-by-the-second band, The 1975, recalled how monumental of a moment it was for him to be pulled from the crowd (as a 13-year-old!) to play a tune with Green Day.

“Mike Dirnt was fucking there. I jumped up, and he put his bass on me…10,000 people in fucking Newcastle Arena!” Exclaimed Healy. “It was a defining moment for me. Looking out and thinking, ‘OK, this is awesome.’ I still have the pick.”

On February 26, The 1975 will release their very hyped sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.

“I almost get excited when I start thinking conceptually about records, and I have to stop myself because we have to let songs evolve naturally; get inspired naturally; and then let the material dictate the concept instead of the other way around,” said Healy in a 2014 interview with you have concepts dictate material, it all becomes wishy-washy and you start writing in a certain style for the sake of it.”