Tom DeLonge (ex-Blink-182) Releasing New Music March 1


With the public mudslinging between those who made up Blink-182 seemingly cooled, it’s been revealed Opening Night Of Blink-182 Reunion Tourthat the man on the outside looking in, Tom DeLonge, will release new music on March 1.

DeLonge posted this to his official Facebook page yesterday: “The date is March 1st – I have a lot of music I was working hard on….Things happen, so I guess we have a change of plans… Either way, I think you guys should hear it. #SongsWithoutAHome #ToTheStars #TomDeLonge

Last weekend, DeLonge premiered song snippets on his Instagram page, not too long after Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus released a photo of the band’s rehearsal space, minus DeLonge’s gear.

One track sounds very much like it was written for Blink-182, while the other felt more Angels and Airwaves-ready.

DeLonge hasn’t yet announced how these unreleased songs will become available to fans, nor do we know if they’ll be put out in album format. However, Songs Without A Home and To The Stars, would both make sense as titles.

Late last month, Blink-182 announced that DeLonge had quit the band and that they would continue on with him. DeLonge disputed the claim that he abandoned ship, thus creating a lengthy back and forth that showed everyone just how unraveled the band had become.

Anyways, we’re intrigued. Let’s see what DeLonge’s got up his sleeve.

-Adam Grant

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