UnCut Audio: Kaiser Chiefs Reflect on “I Predict A Riot”


In 2005, Kaiser Chiefs broke out of Leeds with their first studio album, Employment, giving the UK music community a swift, swaggering, energetic, kick to the shorts.

What really aided Employment’s ability to sell millions of copies, win a Brit Award for British Album of the Year and place Kaiser Chiefs on a speedy trajectory, was the infectious single, “I Predict A Riot.”

To this day, you’d be hard-pressed to take a listen to this song and not feel like shaking a fist, or moving forward with your day in a more fearless, can’t-be-held-back manner.

As Kaiser Chiefs get ready to tour across North America this spring in support of their excellent 2014 album Education, Education, Education & War, Riffyou.com spent some time with the band’s keyboardist Nick “Peanut” Baines to discuss the origins of “I Predict A Riot,” the impact it’s had on Kaiser Chiefs, as well as what it’s like to perform the track today.

You can listen to his thoughts right here:

Stay tuned for our feature interview with Kaiser Chiefs in the coming weeks.

-Adam Grant

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