Vanilla Ice Performs “Ice Ice Baby” with Ninja Turtles


Vanilla IceIn quite possibly the best music-related Halloween clip you will see this year,  rapper turned actor, turned star of a home renovation television show, Vanilla Ice, appeared on the Today show yesterday to perform “Ice Ice Baby.”

Having a great time on stage during his 46th birthday, Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle) busted out his early ‘90s To The Extreme-era jacket and played to a crowd that featured one of the show’s hosts, Al Roker, oddly bopping along in full Mr. T A-Team garb.

However, what made this Vanilla Ice performance a bit strange was the inclusion of a pair of backup dancers dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes. For those not old enough to recall, “Ice Ice Baby” was never used in that feature film, nor was the rapper. The only connection here is that Vanilla Ice appeared in the 1991 sequel, The Secret of the Oooze, where he performed “Ninja Rap.” Clever title, I know.

That said, for a man closing in on 50, Ice still managed to make it through the performance without pulling a groin or taking a hit from an oxygen tank. Subsequently, Vanilla Ice proved that he could still cook emcees like a pound of bacon.

Watch Ice in action in the video below.

Be warned, you will be greeted by an unsavoury Baywatch costume choice at the outset.