Watch Frank Turner’s Snazzy New Video for “Mittens”



Frank Turner has debuted a snazzy new video for “Mittens,” one of the many stellar tracks to emerge from his 2015 album, Positive Songs for Negative People. You can view the footage below.

When speaking with in September at Riot Fest Toronto, Turner touched on how he views Positive Songs for Negative People as a punk album for him.

“Overall, I think this album is more in the punk corner for me,” offered Turner. “There’s this attitude to it. We recorded it live in nine days and all of the vocals were done in single takes. People have said {in a sarcastic tone}, ‘Well it sounds really good, anyways.’ To which I say, ‘What do you want me to do? You want me to play badly because that’s punk?’ I reject that thesis. [However] the album does have a bit more dirt under its fingernails.

“In some ways, any piece of art should be self-justified. But, I also think creative people are reactive to what they just did,” added Turner when asked about if the album was intentionally made with a feeling of urgency to it. “Tape Deck Heart is a record that was difficult to make and is difficult to talk about in some ways…because it was a difficult period in my life, but quite cathartic to make. So, I wouldn’t describe that [album] as massive fun. I also got buried in the studio with it doing production. I wanted to do the opposite of that this time around.”

Later this month, Turner will embark upon a lengthy Canadian tour.