Watch Kanye Get Taken Down by Anonymous Hackers


Anonymous usually spend their time hacking into the behind the scenes workings of companies and organizations in which it despises, but now the group has purportedly hacked into the minds of millions who hate Kanye West, but whose words can’t travel far enough.

In a nearly seven and a half minute video titled “A Message to Mr. West,” a man in a Guy Fawkes mask tears into West about his inability to allow others to have the spotlight, before attacking his egotistical behaviour; what he’s really communicating to society; as well as his wife Kim Kardashian and her questionable morals (i.e. profiting off public nudity as a parent to a young child.)

We can’t confirm whether this video was created by an official Anonymous member, or a supporter of the group. No less, while we don’t agree with all that is being said here, some points are nailed with incredible precision.

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