Watch Lorde Get Awesomely Spastic on AMAs


Let’s be honest about something here: many music award shows nowadays mean very little and generally serve as promotional tools for pop radio listeners. But, every now and then you get a performance that makes you forget about the crap it was surrounded by on a show like the American Music Awards.

Last night amidst the vomit-worthy list of performers that included One Direction and Iggy Azalea, was Lorde dominating the stage with her contribution to the latest Hunger Games soundtrack, “Yellow Flicker Beat.”

In the performance (which you can watch below), the young kiwi spastically moves about a colourful, yet confined space before being let loose on the audience. She frantically stalks the stage with her voice and intent proving as intense as the looks in which she gives the TV cameras.

Yes, Lorde is a pop star, but she’s continually proving to be far more interesting than many of her mundane ‘contemporaries.’

You can watch Lorde get down with her bad self right here:

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