Watch Neil Young and Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Neil Young’ Jam on TV


Last night on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon took to the stage as his ‘Neil Young’ character for a cover of the real Neil Young’s classic, “Old Man.” About halfway into the song, the real Neil Young – similarly dressed – emerged to turn the performance into a duet.

Played completely straight by both men, this became the first time in which Fallon’s version of ‘Neil Young’ was brave enough to jam alongside the iconic rocker.

For years, Fallon has proved his Young fandom by impersonating the musician in an array of musical sketches, including a memorable one with Bruce Springsteen.

“I saw you doing me before and I always thought it was fun,” said Young during his interview with Fallon last night, not far after publicly stating that he thinks vinyl’s modern day resurgence is little more than a “fashion statement.”

It was also revealed that Fallon was too nervous to previously ask Young to participate in such a performance.

Fortunately, those nerves subsided:

-Adam Grant

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